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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the most common questions about our system and how it works.  If you find your question is not answered below or would like more details, please feel free to Contact Us.


What makes AutoExcavations unique?


The ability for your customers to log in from home and build exact repurchase quotes for any vehicle you have on the lot…new or used. They can change quote parameters and vehicles on the fly while viewing pictures of each vehicle. Your managers and the assigned salesperson receive an automated email whenever your customers log-in from home and the customer can easily send their configured quote to you for immediate follow-up. The system also keeps a running log of every quote configuration your customer creates so you can speak intelligently during follow up.
Customers are tired of vague marketing messages and appreciate the upfront specific quotes that AutoExcavations provides. They look forward to receiving their monthly updated quotes so they can determine precisely when to take advantage of the offer built specifically for them.


How many years of data will I need to make this effective?


At least five years. This gives us a good base of customers to market to and allows us to find the most customers in a favorable position to upgrade their vehicle.



Do my salespeople have access to the system?


Your salespeople will be able to see which of their previous customers are in a favorable position to trade out of their car and into a new or used vehicle. They will be able to send individual emails as well as see which in-stock vehicles are favorable for your customers to acquire.


Is there training available for my personnel?


The system has tutorials within it for managers and salespeople and we provide in-house training for large dealer groups in addition to GoToMeeting training upon request.


How long do I have to commit for?


The success of our system is based on assisting you to build a relationship with your existing customers by way of monthly mailers. These mailers function as status updates, almost like bank statements, showing the customer where they stand and what their new quote payments would be each month and we find many customers actually look forward to receiving the mailers. With this in mind, we recommend working with the system for at least three months as we find many more customers take advantage of the offer after the third month than after the first.



Do you do the direct mail?


Absolutely. To make life even easier for you, we take you through the whole process and that includes sending the mail to your customers. We can even do your direct mail if you choose to use a competitor's system.


Do you perform email campaigns?


Emails can be sent out of the system for new and used vehicles…all at no additional charge. We can send bulk emails to all customers once or twice per month and you and your salespeople can send individual emails to select customers as follow-ups or updates should quotes change, which is especially helpful when dealing with quotes for in-stock new and used vehicles.


How long does it take to get up and running?


Once we hook up to your DMS and extract your data, we can get your initial setups in place and have your quotes built within three to four business days.


Who sets the prices within the quotes?


We walk you through the initial setup but after that, dealer management personnel can adjust gross profit, trade values, APRs, down payment and rebates with a few simple clicks. You can choose to apply dealer cash to the deal or keep some, or all of it, for yourself.




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