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Essentially, AutoExcavations finds and contacts, by direct mail and email, all of the customers in your dealership's DMS with enough equity to trade out of their current vehicle and into a similar new or used vehicle. But, we do so much more! Click the Learn More button to see all the services we offer...

Used Vehicle Matching


You make the most gross profit on used vehicles, but there has never been a system to build exact repuchase quotes for your used vehicle customers... until now!

AutoExcavations lets you target your used vehicle customers and build exact quotes from used vehicles in your inventory. We are the only product with this innovative feature!

The AutoExcavations Edge

Other products may be able to tell you which customers are in a favorable position to trade in their vehicle. However, only AutoExcavations can build a no-hassle, specific vehicle quote for each customer, mail them a letter, invite them to login and view or modify the quote, and allow them to select and build a quote for any other vehicle in your inventory.


That's the AutoExcavations Edge.

Shopping From Home


With our unique customer portal, we make it easy for your customer to do all their research before they arrive at the showroom. If a customer wants a different vehicle than the one originally quoted for them, they can log in, select, and quote any new or used vehicle in your inventory from the comfort of their home. 


“At my operation, we have been averaging about 65 deals per month at $3,000 front and back. That’s $195,000 gross on a $6,200 investment, which equates to $188,800 net profit, or 30 times your original investment.”

Courtney Cole, Hare Chevrolet

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