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Your customers are busy, and many simply don't have the time to spend hours in your showroom. Wouldn't it be great if they could just shop from home on their own time? Now they can!  


AutoExcavations is the only equity mining solution offering your customers the ability to log in from home and browse current quotes and even your entire available inventory.  They can select a vehicle, build a quote and send it to you for review.  How great is that?


How it works


When a customer receives a letter or email with quotes generated by AutoExcavations, we also provide a web address, username and password. We inform the customer that if they are looking for a different vehicle this time, they can simply log in and select from all that you have to offer. They go to the web portal and enter their unique login information.  They will be shown their current quoted vehicle with the ability to change the term and down payment to suit their needs.  The real power comes when they start looking at other vehicles.  With just a few clicks, they can select an entirely different vehicle, set their preferred term and down payment and build their new quote, all while factoring in their existing equity. They can tweak the numbers to what works best for them and when they are satisfied, they simply send the quote to you to review and contact them back. They can even include a note like "Can you get this in red?" Instead of spending hours at the dealership, customers can now browse at their leisure, on their own time, and walk in to a virtually completed deal. 


Benefits to you


While many customers just want to upgrade to the newest model - the one we quote them - sometimes people want something totally different. By presenting this option to your customers, you capture their attention, and their imagination. They realize there are other options and while they may have said no to the original offer, they may say yes knowing any other vehicle is available to them, at their fingertips. Not only do you give the customer the opportunity to shop at their leisure, you free up your sales staff for other tasks. When a customer walks in already knowing what they want and with the terms of the deal virtually completed, your staff can be free to work on other leads and everybody wins!


What it looks like


When your customer receives a new vehicle letter, they will log in to the portal and see a listing of all the vehicle models and trims we have in the system for you. All they have to do is select the one they want and build the quote.

When your customer receives a used vehicle letter, they will have the ability to select among all your used vehicles in stock, complete with photos and descriptions just like they saw in the letter or email. They can easily browse through or quickly filter by make, model and color to find exactly what they are looking for.



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