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Data mining personalizes direct mail


Ryan Beene - Automotive News

August 26, 2013


Big data is turbocharging the old-fashioned business of direct-mail marketing, giving dealers the ability to pinpoint prospective customers and tailor their appeals right down to the desired monthly payment.


It's a departure from the days of "spraying and praying," when dealers would use mailers to pitch sales events or cash giveaways to tens of thousands of addressees, but save the details for those who actually ventured into the showroom...


Data-Driven Sales


Courtney Cole - Auto Dealer Monthly - WebXclusive

June, 2013


Let’s pretend you have a previous customer named Tonya Jones. One day, she walks out to the mailbox to find a nice surprise: It’s a letter from you with an offer she never expected...


Marketing Repurchase Quotes to Your Entire DMS Customer Base


Chip King - Dealer Marketing Magazine

March, 2010


We all know that your existing customer base is your best resource for future sales and that if a customer is happy with his current car, he will likely repurchase a newer model. What he wants are the facts, not a desperate plea.


Building an exact repurchase quote for every previous customer in your DMS that combines the details of their previous purchase with their current trade value, payoff, new vehicle price, plus current rebates and incentives, can produce a return on investment that far surpasses any of your other marketing efforts...


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