Services and Features


At its core, AutoExcavations finds customers in your DMS with enough equity to trade out of their current vehicle and into a new similar vehicle, but we do so much more...

Exact Repurchase Quotes


We utilize the details of each customer's existing deal to build exact quotes that factor in elements like their trade value, payoff and current APR. The real power of our technology is in its ability to match the customer with a new vehicle that is most similarly equipped, and most likely to trigger the customer to take advantage of the offer. As new vehicle models are released and modified, we are constantly tweaking and updating our proprietary matching methodology.

Direct Mail


Once we build your quotes, we don't just leave you there to flounder. We offer direct mail templates that are specifically and uniquely written and presented to get the intended message across. We can work with you to customize the templates where necessary, incorporating any regulation-specific language or disclaimer alterations. Once you are ready, we will launch direct mail to all of your clients and handle all the behind the scenes work so you don't have to worry about it, or deal with a third party.

Customer Portal Login


An industry exclusive, we make it easy for your customer to log in to their own custom webpage with their current quotes for review and modification. They can adjust parameters like down payment and loan term, and they can even select any other vehicle in your inventory. This is a very powerful feature allowing the customer to shop at home, on their own time. Rather than facing the daunting task of spending hours in the dealership, they can leisurely browse your inventory and build exact quotes with their equity factored in.


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Used Vehicle Customer Quotes


Another industry exclusive, we build similar exact repurchase quotes for all your used vehicle customers, matching them to similar but upgraded used vehicles in your inventory. You know used vehicles bring in more gross profit - why not build exact quotes for all your used vehicles and put them in front of your recent used vehicle customers? Now you can, and it couldn't be easier. We send direct mail with up to four vehicle quotes and invite the customer to login to the portal. There, they can modify parameters of the quote and select among your entire used vehicle inventory to pick out exactly the vehicle they want.


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Email Quotes


Not only do we send your direct mail, we send out email to your customers as well. This additional communications channel can be very effective in reaching a different demographic of customers and ensures a wider penetration of the message. In addition, with the link to the portal right in the email, it's just a matter of a click to offer customers the ability to customize their offer. We offer batch emails which can be sent out up to twice a month as well as the ability for you and your salespeople to send individual emails to select customers with a personal message added. All email services are included at no additional charge.

Service Customer Targeting


We can pull your service appointments and match anyone coming in for service with a quote in the system. We then send those customers special emails noting they are coming in for service and that their salesperson can meet them in the service lane to go over the quote while they wait. This gives you numerous sales options, including the ability to offer for the customer to take the newly quoted vehicle for a test drive or as a loaner during their service appointment, as well as the opportunity to speak face to face with the customer as they drop off the vehicle.

Quote Parameter Options


We can guide you on what we have found works best, but ultimately you get to make all the decisions on how you want to price your quotes. Want to keep all the dealer cash for yourself or work some of it into the deal to lower prices? You can. Want to adjust the book figures used to calculate trade values? You can do that too. You can set separate interest rates for new, used and subprime, and for a variety of terms. You can even set up different gross values and down payments for each model type you offer. All these options give you the power to structure deals the way you want them.

Results Tracking


We analyze sales data from your DMS and determine which customers have taken advantage of the offer by trading in the vehicle we contacted them about. This allows us to remove that customer from our system so you don't waste money mailing to them again. It also allows us to provide detailed sales statistics showing you things like the number of sales you made as a result of AutoExcavations as well as the total front and back-end gross on both AutoExcavations and non-AutoExcavations deals. All the numbers are at your fingertips in our dashboard, the first thing you see when you log in each morning.