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At its core, AutoExcavations finds customers in your DMS with enough equity to trade out of their current vehicle and into a new similar vehicle, but we do so much more...


Exact Repurchase Quotes


We utilize the details of each customer's existing deal to build exact quotes factoring in elements like their trade value, payoff and current APR. The real power of our technology is in its ability to specifically match each customer to the most appropriate similar vehicle for upgrade. Using this system we are able to match the customer with a new vehicle that is most similarly equipped and most likely to trigger the customer to take advantage of the offer. As new vehicle models are released and modified, we are constantly tweaking and updating our proprietary matching methodology.


Direct Mail


Not only do we provide a variety of 

Results Tracking


We analyze sales data from your DMS and determine which customers have taken advantage of the offer by trading in the vehicle we contacted them about. This allows us to remove that customer from our system so you don't waste money mailing to them again. It also allows us to provide detailed sales statistics showing you things like the number of sales you made as a result of AutoExcavations as well as the total and average gross on both AutoExcavations and non-AutoExcavations deals. All the numbers are at your fingertips in our dashboard.


At my operation, we have been averaging about 65 deals per month at $3,000 front and back. That’s $195,000 gross on a $6,200 investment, which equates to $188,800 net profit, or 30 times your original investment.

Courtney Cole, Hare Chevrolet

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