Used to Used Marketing


You make the most profit on your used vehicle sales. We increase your sales by helping you reach your current and recent customers. Why not combine the two to improve both your sales and bottom line? Now you can.  


AutoExcavations is the only system capable of matching your current and recent used vehicle customers with similar used vehicles in your inventory. Our exclusive technology is able to locate one or more vehicles that are similar to each customer's current vehicle, but which represent an upgrade for your customer - fewer miles, newer model year, updated features, etc. We then mail and email specific quotes for up to the top four best matches and the customer can walk in, see the vehicle and drive it off the lot right then and there.


How it works


Using our proprietary matching technology, we scan your inventory every night and locate the best matches for each customer based on model, vehicle description, model year, mileage, age in inventory. Armed with the knowledge that some customers purchase based on color, we even attempt to present as many replacement vehicles as possible that match the customer's current vehicle color. We rank those matches and list them inside the system for your dealership personnel to review. You can manually browse through used customers, view their matches and call them directly to let them know of the opportunity. 


Benefits to you


Easily the number one benefit is that we can help you turn your used vehicle inventory more quickly than traditional advertising methods because we are providing very specific and targeted direct marketing to your best customers. But this system is so much more than just that. When we rank the quotes, we factor in things like number of days on the lot and give preference to vehicles that have been with you longer. Got a vehicle that has been sitting for months? We can help you move it faster by putting it in front of customers most likely to be interested in it. Our system works to make sure your used vehicles are out in front of customers insead of in the back of the lot collecting pollen.


What it looks like


When your sales personnel logs in, there is an entire section devoted to Used to Used Customers ready for contact. You can browse the customers or search for specific customers such as all those who paid cash or all those with 2006-2010 model year vehicles currently. The system will show you how many matches it found for each customer and you can simply click on the customer to see their quoted matches. With details about the customer's current deal and all the quoted vehicles on a single page, all the information is at their fingertips to call the customer and present one or more used vehicle upgrade options.



Direct mail and email


When you're ready, we send out direct mail and email.  The direct mail piece explains to the customer how they can trade in their existing vehicle for a replacement vehicle and that you are presenting them with some options below.  In the grid, we show up to the top four replacement vehicles and generate both a cash and finance quote for each.  We list all the relevant details on the vehicle like options and even current mileage and stock number so they can be confident this is a real offer for a specific vehicle. Because used vehicles are not subject to incentives, you can send out direct mail and email any time during the month, or even multiple times per month without concern for incentive expiration.

We also send the same information in email, including the photos and all details of the vehicles. 


Using this system is one of the best ways to move your used vehicles off the lot and keep your bottom line strong while doing so.